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Lavender Flower Geode

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These handmade statement dangles encase Golden Wattle and Gum Blossom from our own garden paired with lavender teardrop alcohol ink studs..

Each dangle has tear drop stud with titanium backing and a clear resin organic geode shape.  In total it is an 80mm drop and weighs a slight 5 grams per piece,

The process of making these earrings include picking and drying flowers, creating a silicone mold and pouring resin in layers.  Each layer takes 24 hours to set.  The resin is then left to cure for 2-3 days before it is demolded sanded and drilled.

As each earring is made by hand, please allow for slight variations - guaranteeing a truly unique pair.  Some slight imperfections such as bubbles and small holes may be present and are what makes each piece special.

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