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Little Hurricane co is a handmade jewellery label, established in 2017 by Liat Galon inspired by flowers and particularly Australian native flowers.



After spending 20 years in the corporate world, Liat was surprised to find that becoming a mother brought out her creative side; and rather than returning to IT Project Management as her children grew older she turned her hobby into her work.  
Liat creates all of the Little Hurricane Co. lines in her home studio and works with environmentally sound materials, such as eco-resin, which is a petroleum free, bio-based product.
Liat often collects the botanicals from her garden or from the bush on the outskirts of the city and then carefully presses and dries each one, ready to be preserved into delicate, ephemeral, wearable art.  Each piece is meticulously crafted and can take 5-7 days to make from start to finish – from the foraging, to the casting, to the moulding, to the final polish.
On the weekends, Liat can more often than not be found showcasing her work at handmade and design markets around Victoria and interstate.
She loves nothing more than chatting to people about turning their precious flora – and therefore their memories - into customised jewellery; especially when it comes to working with bridal bouquets.
“I'm amazed every day to be doing what I do now and I feel lucky that I can.”
If you have an idea or would like to discuss a bridal bouquet preservation, don’t be shy! You can contact Liat Here