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Turn your bouquet into a piece of art to treasure

If letting go of your wedding bouquet at the end of the day makes you want to cry, then don't.  Let me help you turn your bouquet into pieces you can keep for years to come.  The flowers can be preserved and encapsulated in resin into pieces ranging from earrings to ring cones to big beautiful art blocks.

From this:

To this:

If you would like to preserve you bouquet, please contact me well ahead of time as I only take a limited number each month to make sure I have the time and space to work on each bridal piece with care.

The entire process can take from 2-6 months from the moment I receive your flowers until I send you the completed pieces.

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For Bridal custom work, the minimum is $650.

If you'd like to enquire further about availability and pricing please send me and email at