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Minimalist Faceted Ring - Jade & Gold Leaf

Ring size

This handmade, minimalist-style ring, showcases flakes of gold leaf suspended in a translucent light jade eco-resin.

With the flick of a finger, this is a piece will catch the light, and give off a sparkle for a wearer who deserves to shine. 

This resin ring is perfect for stacking.  Two or three rings in different  colours can be stacked together for greater effect.

Each ring is made by hand, pigments are hand mixed, and poured into a silicone mould using an eco resin that takes up to 7 days to cure.  Once cured, each piece is hand sanded to create a smooth comfortable finish.

As each ring is made by hand, please allow for slight variations, which makes for a truly unique piece.

Available sizes:
US 5 1/4 or AU K 1/4 = 15.9mm
US 6 3/4 or AU N 1/2= 17.13 mm
US 7 or AU O = 17.35 mm

US 7 1/2 or AU P = 17.75 mm
US 8 or AU Q= 18.1 mm
US 10 or AU T 1/2= 19.84 mm 

Height: approximately 5mm (except for US10 which is 7mm)
Thickness: approximately 3mm 

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